O'zbekiston Respublikasining Xitoy Xalq Respublikasidagi Elchixonasining savdo-iqtisodiy masalalar bo'limi


Department of Economic and Commercial Affairs of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the People's Republic of China

Отдел по торгово-экономическим вопросам Посольства Республики Узбекистан в Китайской Народной Республике

Китайская (Циндао) Международная выставка импортных потребительских товаров 2020


I. Exhibition Information
TIME:December 18-20, 2020
VENUE:Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition- S1 Hall, S2 Hall
EXHIBITION AREA:20000 Square Meters
CONCURRENT EVENT: 2020 Qingdao International Imported Wine Exhibition

II. Scope of Exhibits
Imported Commodities Hall: Mother and baby products, Cosmetics and washing supplies, Household items, Digital products and Home appliances, Crafts and gifts, Clothing and accessories, Jewelry, Creative toys, Cross-border E-commerce and logistics services, Import trade supply-chain platform, International trade and services.
Imported Foods and Beverages Hall: Wine and Spirits, Snack foods, Coffee and coffee drinks, High-end drinks, Dairy products, Baby foods, High-end tonic, Seafood, Meat, Frozen foods, Fruits and vegetables, Bakery products, Semi-finished products and Ingredient.

III. Forms of Participation
1.Your organization will be listed as an important co-organizer of the exhibition.
2.Your leaders will be present as honored guests to the opening ceremony of the exhibition.
3. Your side could organize the enterprises as a group to attend this fair, and the exhibitors organized by your side will enjoy the biggest discount of the booth fees. And for those enterprises who are not convenient to travel to China, maybe they can entrust their domestic partners to present.

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